Alam Indah Lestari (AIL) Rogojampi

Alam Indah Lestari (AIL)

Alam Indah lestariAlam Indah Lestari, is one of nuanced Agro Tourism Attraction. Located in District Rogojampi banyuwangi District, about 2 Kilometers from the city center Rogojampi. Access was fairly easy to get there, can be reached by using public transport or private vehicles.
Having a facility that will make you and your family entertained such as water boom, orange groves, karaoke, lodging and so on. With affordable prices, all these facilities, you can enjoy with their families.
Like Attraction Taman Suruh, Alam Indah Lestari also has several pools for children and adults. The atmosphere is still beautiful with shades of paddy fields, add a natural feel of this place. you will be pampered with a green stretch of paddy fields.

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